Formulating Foundations Master Class
by Melani Kovac, Dropsmart's Founder
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If you're looking for straightforward, easy-to-implement essential oil blending strategies, this class is definitely for you. Our one-day course sets fresh standards for blending with essential oils. You'll learn a massive amount of professional formulating strategies in just minutes.

Your teacher, Melani, is a seasoned professional with years of experience teaching aromatherapy and essential oil formulation at various cosmetic universities and colleges. With her extensive background, she has also lectured to the staff of international companies such as Melvita and L'OCCITANE en Provence. Her expertise is now at your fingertips, and you'll leave this Masterclass feeling inspired and empowered.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced aromatherapy enthusiast, you'll find something valuable in this compact yet easy-to-follow course. You'll discover new blending techniques, gain confidence in creating your essential oil blends, and learn tips and tricks that will save you time and hassle. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your journey toward becoming an aromatherapy pro!
I just watched Lesson One. LOVED IT!!! Wrote a full page of notes. I absolutely LOVE learning and feel SO fortunate I found Dropsmart. I can't wait for the next lesson. VERY informative.

Melani, you have inspired and motivated me to continue my aromatherapy journey. I appreciate you very much.

Your team as well. Leandro has been phenomenal in assisting me when I've had technical problems!! Please continue to include chemistry education, as I feel it is truly important for the overall understanding of using and blending.
I would like to express my sincere, unreserved admiration for Melani as an Aromatherapy teacher! Her knowledge is profound, highly professional, practically useful, and applicable to all levels of skill and expertise.

She teaches with ease the most complex topics, so they become simple to understand, easy to integrate into one’s former training and apply in practice – the rare skill of those who live the Aromatherapy with the fullness of their being.

Her mind is brilliant, her passion infectious! A unique treasury of knowledge in Aromatherapy at its best.

Tammy Kell
Aromatherapy Student
Branko Cicic
Maharishi Aromatherapy Consultant
Meet Your Teacher
Melani Kovac is mompreneur, passionate aromatherapist, multilingual international educator & speaker, and the creator of the revolutionary Dropsmart. Over the last two decades, she's been dedicated to sharing the power and wisdom of essential oils. Melani is known for making essential oil chemistry straightforward and practical. Making it easy to integrate into holistic practices.

After speaking on stages worldwide and consulting some of the renowned organizations/institutions in the field of aromatherapy (Botanica International Clinical Aromatherapy Conference (UK), Alliance of International Aromatherapists (USA), Fitovizyon: Congress of innovations in phytotherapy, aromatherapy and cosmetics (Turkey), Higher School of Applied Sciences (Slovenia), Maharishi International University (USA), Faculty of Pharmacy (Slovenia), Concosmetic Organic Cosmetology Congress (Brazil), L'Occitane (Slovenia), Melvita (Croatia), etc.), she realized that there's much left untold about how using her unique method allows aromatherapists to reach higher peaks - as formulators, educators and professionals.
During This Online Course, You'll Get...
Comprehensive and condensed know-how, including:
  • How to efficiently blend essential oils to achieve maximum benefits while avoiding  safety hazards such as irritating or phototoxic oils.
  • Essential oil formulating using rare or local oils to create distinctive and memorable blends that stand out.
  • The correlation between chemical compositions and safety, giving you confidence when blending essential oils.
Self-paced online course: You completely control how much time you want to spend and when you choose to complete the course.
Certificate of Completion: Attend the course and get your certificate.
Lifetime access: Enroll now, get lifetime access.
8 bonus classes including:
  • Tips & tricks on how to ‘reconstruct’ essential oils.
  • Are you ‘diluting’ essential oils?
  • Comparison & evaluation of 2 skincare products bonus.
  • And more.
Explicit & original videos: Melani respects your time and progress. Videos in the lessons are designed to give you maximum knowledge in a minimum timeframe. With the emphasis on information rarely (or not at all) shared in aromatherapy certification programs.
Multiple guarantees: We guarantee the material transferred is new & authentic. We guarantee technical support for your best experience. Finally, we assure your satisfaction with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.
Risk-free payment plan: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
Do you want to feel confident and sound professional when speaking about essential oils?
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